An Intruder Cat Saying Hello In Security Camera

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By Rose Marie

I was alone in my home with my kids and husband away on business. It was late at night, and the only sound I could hear outside were those of cars driving by and the wind howling.

My heart beat faster as I felt threatened by something unseen; it seemed like danger lurked around every corner. But then I remembered that we had installed smart security cameras both inside and outside our house, so I decided to check them out, just in case.

To my surprise, a cat was staring right into one of the cameras. 🐈

At first, I thought it might be an intruder or someone sinister lurking about.

But then I realized that it couldn’t have been anyone else apart from this cute little feline friend who wanted me to know she was watching over us for the night. 😍

This made me feel much safer knowing that we had this extra level of protection even when no one else was around.

Our neighbor’s pet cats often liked to wander off their homes during nighttime hours; they must’ve spotted us through one of these camera lenses and thought, “Hello”! 😂 It made me smile even though it had scared me half-to-death only moments earlier.

It looked like Feline’s friend was saying HELLO to me. 👋

What’s more, having these cameras gave me peace of mind as they can deter potential intruders from ever entering our home while also providing us with evidence should anything go wrong later down the line.

So although initially felt fearful when hearing strange noises outside in the dark hours of the night, thanks to these smart security cameras -and especially this curious cat– all ended well.

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