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Personal Experience - The vacation surprise - when I forgot my smart lock password

The Vacation Surprise – When I Forgot My Smart Lock Password

Contents1 Our Vacation Started Last Week2 Our Home – A Secure Haven3 The Forgotten Password At The Front Door4 Staying Calm5 Exploring Options6 The Recovery … Read more
A curious cat meets security cameras - personal experience

Feline Playtime: When a Curious Cat Meets Security Cameras

Once upon a time, I had a funny personal experience with my security cameras. You see, I own a smart home, 🏤 and I had … Read more
Personal Experience during smart light installation

Once, Smart Light Installation Turned My Room Dark!

As the owner of the Smart Home, I am constantly looking for new ways to upgrade my home with the latest and greatest smart home … Read more
personal stories

An Intruder Cat Saying Hello In Security Camera

I was alone in my home with my kids and husband away on business. It was late at night, and the only sound I could … Read more