How Does Ring Doorbell Work Without Subscription – 6 Features That Work

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Are you curious to know; “How does Ring Doorbell work without subscription?” Look no further, as this article will delve into the 6 features that work even without a subscription.

Many people wonder if they need to pay for a subscription to fully utilize their Ring doorbell, but the good news is that there are still plenty of functionalities available to you without one.

Let’s explore some of the features that work without a subscription.

5 ways How Does Ring Doorbell Work Without Subscription

6 Features Of Ring Doorbell That Works Without Subscription

When using the Ring Doorbell without a subscription, you can still receive event notifications on your smartphone or tablet.

The two-way talk feature allows you to communicate with visitors at your doorstep without the need for a subscription.

Here are 6 features of Ring Doorbell that work without a subscription.

1. Event Notifications Are Received Without a Subscription

Even without a subscription, you can still receive event notifications from your Ring doorbell.

It is a great feature for those who are looking to enhance their home security without the need for a monthly fee.

With event notifications, you’ll be alerted whenever someone approaches your door or triggers the motion sensors on your Ring doorbell.

This allows you to stay in the loop and be aware of any activity happening around your home, even when you’re not there.

It’s an effective way to deter potential intruders and keep an eye on your property.

So, even if you choose not to subscribe you’ll still benefit from this essential feature of receiving event notifications from your Ring doorbell.

2. Two-Way Talk Of Ring Doorbell Works Without Subscription

The Ring doorbell’s two-way talk feature allows you to have interactive conversations with visitors at your front door, giving you the ability to visually communicate and address their concerns or inquiries.

This feature is particularly useful for those who do not have a subscription as it provides an added layer of security and convenience without any additional cost.

When using the two-way talk feature, you can speak directly to whoever is at your door through the built-in microphone and speaker on the doorbell. This allows for clear audio transmission and ensures that both parties can hear each other effectively.

3. Ring Neighbor Social Space Works Without a Subscription

You can easily connect with your neighbors and share information about local events, community updates, and security concerns through the Ring Neighbor social space.

This feature allows you to join the Ring neighbor community and stay updated on what’s happening in your area.

With Ring Doorbell, privacy is a top priority as all shared information is kept within this closed network of trusted neighbors. In terms of storage, you don’t need a subscription to access basic features like viewing live video feeds or receiving motion alerts.

However, if you want to save recorded videos for future reference, a subscription plan may be necessary.

4. Receive Motion Detection Alerts Without Subscription

With Ring Doorbell, you can receive motion detection alerts without the need for a subscription.

This feature allows you to stay informed about any activity happening at your doorstep or in other areas of your property.

5. Real-Time Video Of Doorstep Is Viewed Without Subscription

With Ring Doorbell, homeowners can enjoy a live view of their doorstep without any subscription fees.

This feature allows you to have real-time video access to see who’s at your door, whether it’s a delivery person or a visitor.

Additionally, this feature gives you the freedom to customize your doorbell settings according to your preferences.

6. Alexa Integration Is Possible Without Subscription

You can seamlessly connect your Ring Doorbell to your Amazon Echo device and enjoy a whole new level of convenience and control without any subscription.

By setting up Alexa with your Ring Doorbell, you can use voice commands to check who’s at your doorstep or even answer the door without any subscription.

The benefits of Alexa integration are immense, as it allows you to monitor your doorstep hands-free and provides an added layer of security.

Additionally, alternative subscription plans give you access to extended video storage and additional features if desired.

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Do you need a subscription to use Ring?

No, you don’t need a subscription to use Ring doorbell or camera.

Although Ring offers a subscription service, you can still use their doorbell without it. This gives users the freedom to choose whether or not they want to pay for additional features and benefits.

  • Without a subscription, you can still receive notifications on your smartphone when someone rings your doorbell or when motion is detected by your Ring camera.
  • You can even view the live video feed and interact with visitors using the two-way audio feature.

However, subscribing to Ring’s service, known as Ring Protect, provides additional advantages such as;

  • Cloud storage for recorded videos
  • Extended warranty
  • Access to advanced features like people detection and customizable motion zones.

It ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences whether a subscription is necessary for you. Regardless, Ring offers a versatile and user-friendly solution for home security.

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Does Ring store video without a subscription

Yes, Ring stores videos without a subscription using other storage options.

Ring gives a trial subscription in which you can test the subscription by storing videos for 30 days.

One of the benefits of having a Ring subscription is the ability to access and store your video footage in the cloud for up to 60 days.

However, if you choose not to have a subscription, Ring still provides some storage options for your videos.

Storage option of ring that work without subscription

Without a subscription, Ring Doorbells can still capture and store videos locally on the device itself. These videos can be accessed through the Ring app on your smartphone or tablet.

The amount of storage available will depend on the model of your Ring doorbell, but typically it can hold around 20-30 videos at a time.

Once the storage limit is reached, older videos will automatically be deleted to make room for new ones.

So while you won’t have access to cloud storage without a subscription, you do have the option to store some videos locally with your Ring doorbell.

It’s worth noting that without a subscription, you won’t be able to view past videos beyond what is currently stored on your device.

4 Features Of Eufy Doorbell That Don’t Work Without Ring Protect Plan

If you’re considering getting the Eufy Doorbell, it’s important to know that video recording is not possible without a Ring Protect Plan subscription.

Let’s discuss 4 features of the Eufy doorbell that don’t work without the Ring Protect Plan.

1. Video Recording Is Not Possible Without a Subscription

Video recording is simply not possible without a subscription to Ring Doorbell. Without the subscription, you won’t be able to access any video recordings that are captured by the doorbell’s camera.

It can be frustrating for users who want to have a record of any activity that occurs around their front door.

The video quality of Ring Doorbell is praised by many customers, with clear and crisp images being captured both day and night.

Video quality of ring doorbell is good

In terms of storage options, without the subscription, you won’t be able to save any videos or have them stored on the cloud for later viewing. This limitation can be a major drawback for those who want to review past footage or keep records of specific events.

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2. Video Sharing Option Don’t Work Without Subscription

One important feature to note is that the video-sharing option doesn’t work without a subscription.

It means you won’t be able to easily share videos with family, friends, or law enforcement if needed.

Reading customer reviews on using the Ring doorbell without a subscription can provide valuable insights into its performance and limitations.

3. Snapshot Is Not Enabled Without a Subscription

Imagine not being able to capture quick snapshots of what’s happening at your front door without a subscription.

The snapshot functionality is one of the features that are disabled without a Ring Doorbell subscription.

This means that you won’t be able to take instant pictures of any activity or events occurring in front of your door. While this may seem like a disadvantage, it’s important to understand the benefits of a Ring Doorbell subscription.

Snapshot feature don't work - how does ring doorbell work without subscription

With a subscription, you not only get access to the snapshot feature but also receive other advantages such as cloud storage for recorded videos and access to advanced motion detection settings.

4. Professional monitoring Is Not Provided Without Ring Subscription

If you want the peace of mind that comes with professional monitoring for your home security, a Ring subscription is essential.

With a Ring Protect Plan, you not only get access to advanced features and benefits but also the assurance that your home is being monitored by professionals.

Here are some subscription benefits that make it worth considering:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring – With a Ring subscription, your home will be monitored around the clock by trained professionals who can quickly respond to any emergencies or suspicious activity.
  • Emergency Response – In case of an emergency, the monitoring team can contact authorities on your behalf, ensuring a swift response and potentially saving valuable time in critical situations.
  • Extended Video Storage –A Ring Protect Plan offers extended video storage for all your recorded videos, so you can review and download footage whenever needed.
  • Cost Comparison – While there may be alternative solutions available for professional monitoring without a Ring subscription, it’s important to consider their cost comparison. Some alternatives may require expensive equipment or monthly fees that could outweigh the cost-effectiveness of a Ring Protect Plan.
  • Seamless Integration – A Ring subscription seamlessly integrates with other Ring devices and services, providing a comprehensive and cohesive security system for your home.

By understanding these subscription benefits and comparing them with alternative solutions, you can make an informed decision about whether professional monitoring through a Ring Protect Plan is right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How long does Ring Doorbell save video without subscription?

Without a subscription, Ring Doorbell will still save video recordings, but only for a limited period of time ranging from 30 to 60 days.

The basic plan, which is free, allows you to view the live feed from your doorbell and receive motion alerts. However, it does not include video recording storage.

So, if an event triggers the motion sensor or someone presses the doorbell, you will receive a notification, but the video footage will not be saved.

To have access to video history, you will need to subscribe to one of Ring’s paid plans or use any third-party app.

Is there a monthly charge for Ring doorbell?

Yes, there is a monthly charge for Ring doorbell, but it is not mandatory.

Ring offers different subscription plans that provide additional features and benefits, such as video recording storage, extended warranties, and professional monitoring.

The basic plan is free and allows you to use the essential functions of the doorbell.

However, if you want to take advantage of advanced features and have access to video history, you can opt for one of their paid plans, which starts at a reasonable monthly price.

Is a Ring subscription worth it?

Whether or not a Ring subscription is worth it depends on your specific needs and preferences.

The free basic plan can be sufficient for some users who only want to use the live view and receive motion alerts.

However, if you want the ability to review past events and have video evidence saved in the cloud, a subscription is necessary.

Ring’s paid plans offer various benefits like extended warranties and discounts on future purchases, making them worthwhile for those who want a more comprehensive home security system.

Additionally, if you opt for a Ring Alarm system, the subscription becomes essential for features like professional monitoring and cellular backup.

Is Ring useless without subscription?

No, Ring is not useless without a subscription. The doorbell itself will still function and provide you with live video streaming and motion alerts.

It allows you to monitor your front door and communicate with visitors.

The absence of a subscription does limit the ability to access saved video recordings, but it does not render the doorbell useless.

The free basic plan still offers essential features that can enhance your home security. However, the subscription plans provide additional benefits for those who want a more robust system.


So, the Ring doorbell offers several features that work without a subscription. First and foremost, you don’t need a subscription to use Ring. It can still provide basic functionality such as live video streaming and two-way communication.

While some features of both Ring and Eufy doorbells may require a subscription for full functionality, it’s reassuring to know that the Ring doorbell still offers useful capabilities even without one.

It ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences when deciding whether or not to opt for a subscription plan with either brand.


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