4 Culprits Why Is Eufy Doorbell Offline – 5 Ways To Fix

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Have you ever wondered why your Eufy doorbell suddenly goes offline? It can be frustrating, especially when you rely on it for home security.

In this article, I will explore the 4 culprits behind Eufy doorbell offline issues and provide 5 ways to fix the issue.

So sit tight as we delve into troubleshooting techniques that will help restore the seamless operation of your beloved security device.

Eufy doorbell offline - 5 reasons

4 Reasons For Eufy Doorbell Offline Issues

Power issues, unstable or weak Wi-Fi connection, and low voltage on the doorbell transformer are all possible reasons why the Eufy doorbell may be offline.

Let’s explore these reasons one by one.

1. Power issues Are The Main Reasons Behind Eufy Doorbell Offline

Don’t let power issues be the culprit for why your Eufy doorbell is offline. When it comes to doorbell troubleshooting, power outages, and connectivity problems are often the main reasons behind an offline eufy doorbell.

It’s important to check if there has been a recent power outage in your area, as this can disrupt the connection between your doorbell and the home network.

If there hasn’t been a power outage, then it may be time to replace the batteries in your doorbell.

A low battery can cause connectivity issues and result in your doorbell going offline.

To fix this, consult the troubleshooting guide provided by Eufy for step-by-step instructions on replacing the batteries.

Low Battery - Resolve battery issues to prevent eufy doorbell offline

2. Unstable Or Weak Wi-Fi Connection Leads To Eufy Doorbell Offline

If you’re experiencing an unstable or weak Wi-Fi connection, it might be time to check your router settings and ensure that it’s positioned in a central location within your home.

Otherwise, Eufy’s doorbell may go offline due to weak WiFi.

Stability issues can arise when the signal from your router is weak or constantly dropping.

To troubleshoot this problem, you can try resetting your router, updating its firmware, or even changing its channel settings to avoid network interference.

Additionally, consider investing in a Wi-Fi range extender if the signal doesn’t reach certain areas of your home.

By addressing these potential culprits for an unstable or weak Wi-Fi connection, you can improve the overall performance of your Eufy doorbell and ensure that it stays online consistently.

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3. Low Voltage On Doorbell Transformer Causes Eufy Doorbell Offline

One possible cause for Eufy’s doorbell to keep going offline could be insufficient voltage from the doorbell transformer. When the voltage is low, it can affect the performance of the doorbell and result in connectivity issues.

To address this problem, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take.

  • First, check if your doorbell transformer is compatible with the Eufy doorbell. Some older transformers may not provide enough power for the device to function properly.
Eufy doorbell transformer should be compatible with doorbell
  • If compatibility is not an issue, consider replacing the battery in your doorbell as a low battery can also contribute to connectivity problems.
  • Another option is to have a professional installation performed to ensure that all electrical components are properly connected and functioning correctly.
  • Lastly, you can perform a voltage test on your transformer using a multimeter to determine if it is providing sufficient power to the doorbell.

By following these steps, you can identify and resolve any voltage-related issues that may be causing your Eufy doorbell to go offline and improve its overall performance and reliability.

4. Malfunctioning Of Eufy Doorbell Brings Offline Issues

Sometimes, our beloved Eufy doorbells can act up and leave us scratching our heads. One of the common culprits behind an offline Eufy doorbell is a malfunctioning device.

This could be due to various reasons such as software glitches, hardware issues, or even a faulty connection.

When the doorbell malfunctions, it may lose its ability to connect to your home network or transmit audio and video signals effectively. This can result in the doorbell going offline and leaving you unable to monitor your front door or receive alerts for any activity.

To fix this issue, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try.

  • First, make sure that your Eufy doorbell is powered on and connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.
  • Check if there are any software updates available for your device and install them if necessary.
  • Additionally, you can try resetting the doorbell by pressing the reset button on the back of the device for about 15 seconds until it restarts.
  • If none of these steps work, contacting Eufy customer support for further assistance might be necessary.

Understanding why our Eufy doorbells sometimes malfunction is crucial in finding effective solutions.

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How do I put my Eufy doorbell back online? 5 Ways To Fix

To put my Eufy doorbell back online, there are five effective ways I try. Here are 5 ways to help you out.

1. Resolve Voltage Or Power Issues

Make sure you’ve got a strong and consistent power supply for your Eufy doorbell by upgrading the voltage on its transformer.

One of the possible culprits for your Eufy doorbell being offline could be voltage or power issues.

To troubleshoot this, you should consider upgrading the voltage on the transformer of your Eufy doorbell. This will ensure that it receives enough power to function properly and stay connected to your network.

By resolving any electrical issues and fixing power problems, you can ensure the uninterrupted operation of your Eufy doorbell.

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2. Resolve Internet Issues

If you want a stable and reliable WiFi connection for your Eufy doorbell, it’s crucial to address any internet issues you may be experiencing.

To troubleshoot these issues, there are several steps you can take.

  • First, check your router configuration to ensure it’s properly set up for optimal performance.
  • Next, analyze your network for any interference that may be affecting the signal strength of your WiFi connection. This could include other devices in close proximity or physical objects blocking the signal.
  • Consider relocating your router closer to both the home base and the doorbell to reduce distance-related issues.
  • Additionally, regularly check for firmware updates for both your router and doorbell to ensure they’re up-to-date with the latest software improvements and bug fixes.

By following these troubleshooting steps and optimizing your network setup, you can resolve any internet issues that may be causing your Eufy doorbell to go offline.

3. Resetting Of Devices

Sometimes, a simple reset can fix any glitches or connectivity problems. To factory reset the Eufy video doorbell, you can follow the troubleshooting steps provided by the manufacturer.

It usually involves pressing and holding a specific button for a certain duration.

Additionally, it may be beneficial to reset your WiFi router as well. By doing so, you can ensure that all network settings are refreshed and any potential software updates are installed.

These steps can help address any lingering connectivity problems and get your Eufy doorbell back online smoothly.

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4. Ensure Working Temperature Within -4°f to 122°F (50°C

To ensure your Eufy video doorbell stays connected and functioning properly, it’s important to keep an eye on the working temperature range.

The recommended range is -4°F (-20°C) to 122°F (50°C). Maintaining this temperature range is crucial for optimal doorbell connectivity and overall performance.

Extreme temperatures outside this range can cause the doorbell to go offline or experience connectivity issues.

To avoid such problems, regular doorbell maintenance should include checking the ambient temperature.

If you notice that the temperature is outside this range, take steps to protect the doorbell from harsh weather conditions. This can be done by installing it in a sheltered area or using external weatherproofing solutions.

By following these troubleshooting steps and keeping an eye on the working temperature, you can ensure that your Eufy video doorbell remains online and accessible at all times.

5. Updating The Firmware Of Eufy Doorbell Works

Make sure you update the firmware of your Eufy video doorbell to ensure it works seamlessly and provides you with the best possible experience.

Updating the firmware is an essential step in maintaining the optimal performance of your device.

Firmware updates often include bug fixes, security enhancements, and new features that can enhance your overall user experience.

  • To update the firmware of your Eufy doorbell, start by checking if there are any available updates in the Eufy Security app.
  • Open the app on your smartphone and navigate to the settings menu.
  • Look for an option related to firmware or software updates.
  • If there is an update available, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it.

Updating the firmware not only improves functionality but also ensures that any known issues or vulnerabilities are addressed.

By regularly updating the firmware, you can stay ahead of potential problems and enjoy a seamless experience with your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How do I reset my Eufy doorbell Wi-Fi?

To reset the Wi-Fi on your Eufy doorbell, follow these simple steps:
– Locate the reset button on the back of the doorbell. It is usually a small, recessed button.
– Press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds until you see the LED light on the doorbell start flashing rapidly.
– Release the button and wait for the doorbell to reboot. This may take a minute or two.
– Once the doorbell has restarted, open the Eufy Security app on your smartphone.
– Tap on the doorbell’s settings and select the Wi-Fi setup option.
– Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your doorbell to your Wi-Fi network.
By performing these steps, you will successfully reset the Wi-Fi on your Eufy doorbell and ensure a stable and reliable connection.

Does Eufy have a reset button?

Yes, Eufy doorbells typically have a reset button located on the back of the device. This button is used to reset the doorbell’s settings, including Wi-Fi configuration, to their default values.

Pressing and holding the reset button for a few seconds will initiate the reset process.

Why did my Eufy doorbell stop working?

There could be several reasons why your Eufy doorbell stopped working. Here are a few common possibilities:
– Wi-Fi connectivity issues – If your doorbell is unable to connect to your Wi-Fi network, it may stop working.

Check your Wi-Fi settings, reboot your router, or reset the Wi-Fi on your doorbell as described earlier.

– Power supply problems – Ensure that your doorbell is receiving power.

If it is battery-powered, make sure the batteries are properly installed and charged. For wired doorbells, check the wiring connections and the power source.

– Firmware or app updates – Sometimes, firmware or app updates can cause compatibility issues, resulting in the doorbell not functioning correctly.

Check for any available updates for both the doorbell and the Eufy app.
If the problem persists, contacting Eufy’s customer support team would be the best course of action to get personalized assistance for your specific situation.

How do I refresh my Eufy app?

To refresh the Eufy app and ensure it is up to date with the latest information from your Eufy doorbell, follow these steps:
– Open the Eufy Security app on your smartphone.
– Swipe down on the screen to refresh the app.
– This action will trigger the app to sync with your doorbell and update any new notifications, recorded videos, or settings changes.
By refreshing the app regularly, you can stay updated with the latest activities and settings of your Eufy doorbell.


In conclusion, if you find that your Eufy doorbell is offline, there are several potential culprits to consider. The first culprit could be a poor Wi-Fi connection, which can lead to intermittent or complete loss of connectivity.

To put your Eufy doorbell back online, five effective ways to fix the issue have been discussed above.

By considering these potential culprits and following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve any issues with your Eufy doorbell going offline.

Remember to consult the Eufy user manual or reach out to their customer support team for further guidance if needed.


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