How To Remove Eufy Doorbell Without Pin in 6 Steps

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By Rose Marie

Removing a Eufy doorbell without the pin can be daunting, especially if you have no prior experience. But don’t worry; I’m here to help.

With experience in Eufy doorbell removal, I’ll give you 5 solutions on how to remove Eufy doorbell without PIN. So that you can successfully remove your Eufy doorbell without any hassle.

No matter who you are or where you live, with my guidance, it’s possible to feel empowered and confident when tackling this task.

So let’s get started – it’s time to learn how to remove the Eufy doorbell without PIN.

how to remove Eufy doorbell without pin in 5 simple steps

How To Remove Eufy Doorbell Without Pin – A Step-By-Step Guide

It’s important to take the right steps when removing a Eufy doorbell, as you don’t want to damage the device or make it unusable. Here is a step-by-step guide to removing the Eufy Doorbell without PIN.

Step 1 – Gather Necessary Tools To Remove Eufy Doorbell

You won’t need a pin, but be sure to gather a few alternative tools to help you in this task. Don’t forget to bring;

  • A trusty small flathead screwdriver
  • iPhone SIM card removal tool
  • Suction cup
  • A handy pair of needle-nose pliers.

And, of course, don’t neglect to put on a pair of sturdy gloves to protect your precious hands.

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Step 2 – Disconnect The Power Supply To Eufy Doorbell

Safety should always be the top priority. So, before you even think about removing the Eufy doorbell, make sure to disconnect the power supply.

Find the circuit breaker or fuse box and turn off the circuit that powers the doorbell. This will ensure that there is absolutely no power flowing to the doorbell.

This crucial step is absolutely necessary to ensure that no electrical accidents occur while removing the Eufy Doorbell.

So, pay close attention and follow these instructions carefully to avoid any mishaps.

Step 3 – Remove the faceplate Of Eufy Doorbell

The faceplate of the Eufy doorbell is the outer cover that protects the internal components. To remove the faceplate of the Eufy doorbell, locate the small screws that secure it in place.

Using a small flathead screwdriver, delicately unscrew and detach these screws.

Remember – Must keep the screws of the Eufy doorbell safely stored for reassembly in the future.

However, you can use 5 solutions, including screwdrivers, to remove the Eufy doorbell without a pin. Read those solutions below.

Step 4 – Disconnect The Wiring Connecting To Eufy Doorbell

Disconnecting the wiring is the next step. Once you’ve taken off the faceplate, you’ll be able to see the wiring that connects the doorbell to the electrical system.

Carefully unplug any connectors or terminals that are attached to the wiring. If the connectors are too tight to remove with your hands, you can use needle-nose pliers to get a good grip and disconnect them.

Pro Tip – Don’t forget to make a note of the wiring configuration or take a photo for future reference, as you’ll need to reconnect everything correctly later on.

Step 5 – Detach The Mounting Bracket

The doorbell is held in place by a mounting bracket that attaches it to the wall or doorframe. Find the screws or fasteners that secure the mounting bracket.

With the flathead screwdriver, gently remove these screws and keep them together with the others.

Once the screws are out, you’ll be able to lift the doorbell off the mounting bracket effortlessly.

Mounting brackets keeps eufy doorbell at place

Step 6 – Store and Reassemble The Screws Of Eufy Doorbell

Congrats on successfully removing the Eufy doorbell without a pin.

Now, to make sure you don’t lose any of the screws or small parts, it’s a smart move to store them in a safe spot.

That way, when the time comes to reinstall the doorbell or swap it out for a shiny new one, you can simply follow the steps in reverse. Just connect the wiring, attach the mounting bracket, and screw on the faceplate.

5 Solutions For Eufy Doorbell Removal Without Pin

Removing a Eufy Doorbell without a pin can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, these five solutions can help you get the job done quickly and easily.

1. Use a Jewelers Screwdriver To Remove Eufy Doorbell

One of the most popular methods for removing a Eufy doorbell without a pin is to use a jeweler’s screwdriver set.

A jeweler’s screwdriver set is a set of specialized screwdrivers that are designed specifically for working on small, delicate screws.

Jewelers screwdrivers for removal - how to remove Eufy doorbell without pin

These screwdrivers can easily access the screws on the back of the doorbell, which allows you to remove it without any issues.

Make sure to check voltage before adjusting angles and review instructions for proper reassembly.

Pro Tip – When using a jeweler’s screwdriver set, be sure to use the appropriate size screwdriver for the job.

2. Use an iPhone SIM card Removal Tool

Another popular method for removing a Eufy doorbell without a pin is to use an iPhone sim card removal tool.

This tool is designed to extract sim cards from iPhones easily and can also be used to remove the screws from the doorbell easily.

The tool is small, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive.

Depending on your model, you may need to apply some heat in order to remove it safely. Once that’s done, you can power cycle your device and manually reset it so it won’t require a PIN code any more.

Note – When choosing an iPhone sim card removal tool, ensure it’s compatible with your device for this method to work properly.

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3. The Paperclip Method For Removal of Eufy Doorbell

The paperclip method is another popular method for removing a Eufy doorbell without a pin. This method involves using a paperclip to access the screws on the back of the doorbell.

The paperclip is inserted into the small hole on the back of the doorbell, which allows you to access the screws and remove them without any issues.

Pro Tip – When using the paperclip method, be sure to use a paperclip that is strong enough to access the screws.

4. Use a Suction Cup To Remove Eufy Doorbell without PIN

Using a suction cup is a great way to remove a Eufy doorbell without a PIN. The suction cup is placed on the back of the doorbell, and then the doorbell is lifted off of the wall.

This method is relatively easy and quick and does not require any tools or special equipment.

Pro Tip – When using a suction cup, be sure to use one that is strong enough to hold the weight of the doorbell.

5. Contact Eufy Support Team To Remove the Doorbell Without the PIN

If all else fails, you can contact Eufy for help unlocking your Doorbell without a PIN code. Their customer service team is available to provide technical assistance with any issue or problem you might have.

You can contact them through their online chat or by phone, and they’ll be happy to give you the support you need to unlock your doorbell without a PIN code.

If none of the other methods mentioned in this article work, the knowledgeable staff at Eufy are sure to be able to provide helpful phone help and ensure that your device is freed from its pin-code lock in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How do you remove the back of a Eufy doorbell?

To remove the back of a Eufy doorbell, I follow these steps:

1. I locate the small screw at the bottom of the doorbell.
2. After that, I use a screwdriver that fits the screw head and turn it counterclockwise to loosen the screw.
3. Once the screw is loose, then I gently slide the back cover upwards to detach it from the doorbell.

From my experience, I always recommend others to be careful not to force or apply excessive pressure, as it may damage the doorbell.

What stops a Eufy doorbell from being stolen?

There are several features and measures in place to prevent the theft of a Eufy doorbell:

1. Tamper Detection – The Eufy doorbell is equipped with tamper detection technology. If someone tries to remove or tamper with the device forcibly, it will trigger an alarm and send a notification to the homeowner’s smartphone through the EufySecurity app.

2. Secure Mounting – The doorbell comes with a secure mounting system that makes it difficult for thieves to remove it from its position. It typically requires special tools and knowledge to uninstall the doorbell properly.
3. Cloud Storage – Eufy doorbells offer cloud storage options, allowing the recorded footage to be securely stored in the cloud. Even if the doorbell is stolen, the footage remains accessible to the homeowner through the EufySecurity app.
4. Two-Factor Authentication – The EufySecurity app supports two-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access. This ensures that even if someone steals the doorbell, they cannot easily gain access to the app and its data.
5. Deterrence – The presence of a visible doorbell camera can act as a deterrent for potential thieves. Knowing that their actions would be recorded and potentially lead to identification can discourage theft.

Where is the QR code on a Eufy doorbell?

The QR code on a Eufy doorbell is typically located on the backside of the device. To find it, remove the back cover by following the steps mentioned earlier.

The QR code is usually positioned near the battery compartment or on the circuit board. It is used for device registration, setup, and pairing with the Eufy security app.

How to power off a Eufy doorbell?

To power off a Eufy doorbell, follow these steps:
1. Open the Eufy security app on your smartphone or tablet.
Select the “Doorbell device” from the list of connected devices.
3. Navigate to the “Settings” menu for the doorbell.
4. Look for the “Power” options or power management section.
5. In the power options, you should find an option to “Power Off” the doorbell.
6. Tap on the power off button or toggle to switch off the doorbell.
7. Once powered off, the doorbell will stop functioning until it is powered on again.

How do I know if my Eufy doorbell is charging?

To check if your Eufy doorbell is charging, you should follow these steps:

1. Ensure the doorbell is properly installed and mounted on its bracket.
2. Connect the doorbell to a power source using the provided power adapter or existing doorbell wiring.
3. Wait for a few moments to allow the doorbell to start charging.
4. Look for a small LED indicator light on the doorbell.
5. If the LED light turns on or starts flashing, it indicates that the doorbell is receiving power and is in charging mode.
6. You can also check the battery status through the Eufy security app, which will display the charging status of the doorbell.

How to remove the Eufy doorbell battery?

To remove the Eufy doorbell battery, follow these steps:

1. Locate the small screw at the bottom of the doorbell.
2. Use a screwdriver that fits the screw head and turn it counterclockwise to loosen the screw.
3. Once the screw is loose, gently slide the back cover upwards to detach it from the doorbell.
4. Locate the battery compartment inside the doorbell.
5. Depending on the model, you may find a latch or a release button near the battery.
6. Press the latch or button to release the battery from its compartment.
7. Carefully remove the battery from the compartment, ensuring not to damage any connectors or wires.
8. If necessary, replace the battery with a new one following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Where can I purchase a Doorbell Removal Pin?

To purchase a Doorbell Removal Pin, you can visit the official Eufy website or check with authorized Eufy retailers.

These pins are specifically designed to remove Eufy doorbells from their mounting brackets and ensure secure installation.

Alternatively, you can search for online marketplaces or specialty security stores offering Eufy accessories and parts.

Be sure to purchase from reputable sellers to ensure you receive genuine Eufy products.


Removing a eufy doorbell without the pin is not an easy task, but with the right preparation and knowledge, it can be done. I personally recommend taking your time when removing the doorbell to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

With these instructions in hand, you should have no problem successfully disconnecting and uninstalling the device – all whilst keeping up with modern trends.

Make sure to consult any local regulations or safety standards before beginning; this will help you avoid any potential pitfalls along the way.

All in all, if approached carefully and thoughtfully, replacing a Eufy doorbell without using a pin is totally doable.


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